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Jan 16, 2013 9:00pm PST
also has self-defense, uses guns for self-defense and likes to know that i have that security they're a lot easier to fire than other rifles with the recoil. >> you think all women should be armed with ar-15s? >> my goodness, are you going to go off on a tangent every time i say one thing? you just go off and make up another -- come on now, pirs. stay with me. >> i'm trying to find out what you believe. >> i'm trying to explain it to you, but you keep putting words in my mouth every time try. so stop, let me finish and we'll get somewhere with this. an ar-15, honestly, it's just like any other rifle. i don't understand why some individuals can become so scared of this, because they think it's a scary looking weapon. it's not. this is not the military assault rifle that fully automatic or capable of select fire. >> it shot 17 americans in a movie theater in 90 seconds. it murdered a group of new york state firemen. >> there are pistols made by armalight. >> this particular weapon has been used in the last four mass shootings. still nobody can explain to me why any civilian needs tha
Jan 15, 2013 12:00am PST
the defense will be a fight. that will be fun to watch. >> let's talk about guns. i have been talking about this a lot. particularly since sandy hook, but before that. you're an independent in many ways, but what do you make of the gun debate. i'll tell you why i ask. in britain, it's not a political thing, never has been. never left or right. it's more of a human reaction when things happen, we have to do something. why is it so political in america? >> it's a part, i think, of how our country was formed. we did have to take up arms to form our country. >> to get rid of us. >> i didn't want to say it, but if you're going to bring it up, yeah, to get you guys out. there's that. it's in our constitution. look, i own a gun. you know, i'm gone a lot. i have a wife, i have two kids. i know how to keep them. they're in a gun safe. >> how many do you have? >> three. >> what type? >> i don't have an assault weapon. >> you have handguns? >> exactly. and i'm a sportsman. and i shoot skeet, and i grew up in the midwest. that's a part of my culture. i understand them in a way that perhaps people livin
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
and also he wrote september's cover story, i still believe in lance armstrong. and page, a criminal defense and constitutional attorney. i'll also talk to a man who knows the toll of a different kind of cheating. former governor mark sanford is back and he's here. we begin with lance armstrong. i'm going to start with you. this breaks your heart. i remember when you wrote this. it was at a time when many people were turning on lance armstrong. i admired your loyalty, frankly, as someone who clearly wanted to believe in him, because he had said to you himself, repeatedly, i never doped. i'm told you exchanged e-mails with him in the last week. tell me about that. >> i wrote a column at the daily beast on monday, and i probably should have done it sooner, repudiating the cover story, which i sort of flawed it hook, line, and sinker. lance e-mailed me yesterday and said, look, i f'd up, i want to apologize. i'm really, really sorry for sending you down this road. >> i think it was heartfelt. i didn't respond. i don't think there's anything to respond to. i still wonder, is he playing me? i thi
Jan 17, 2013 9:00pm PST
and the depositions. he acted as well tonight as he did then. he we get defensive and arrogant and say i already answered the question. he intimidated and he bullied and nelly is going the other direction. >> when he concedes he is arrogant, he sounds arrogant. watch this. >> just riskless desire to win. when all costs, truly. that serves me well on the bike. served me well during the disease. but the level that it went two for whatever reason is a flop. and then that defines and the attitude, the arrogance, you cannot deny it. you watch that clip that is an arrogant person. look at this arrogant prick. i say that today. it is not good. >> i feel so disgusted by lance armstrong for the millions who looked up to him and he allegedly inspired care of the whole thing was a pack of lies and a ruthless pack of lies. and man who ruthlessly targeted people to protect himself, say people, bully people, got people fired. this man knew no limits to how awful he would be to be a hero and a champion. >> he transcended sports, obviously. and, of course, he is nothing of the sort. it is worse than that it was
Jan 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
law of self defense that says the government's monopoly on violence is something that we create an exception to. >> here is my response. i don't think anybody in this room, or very, very few people -- >> legitimate violence. >> government's monopoly on violence? >> no, the government has a monopoly on legitimate violence. the government can execute people, can imprison people. when you go into a civilized society, the idea is that only the government can use violence. >> let me interrupt here. i think we're drifting slightly off point. most people in this room have no issue with americans having a gun at home to defend themselves. i come back to, scotie, of what i said earlier. what is the purpose and the need of an ar-15 that can have a magazine of 100 bullets? nobody can give me any reason why a civilian needs that. your explanation appears to be you fear a tyrannical government of attacking you. >> i have the right. that's my first explanation. i have the right. hundreds of thousands of men and women the last 2,000 years have died for me to have that right. >> to have an ar-1
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)